Election Update

Keeping our eyes on the prize, let's look at the current standings on the mid-term election.

Slate: Max Blumenthal and Charles Franklin give their interpretations of polls in key states.

NPR: Has an interactive election map

These are the critical final days. As much as the Republican party appears to be imploding, if we really want to see a shift change to restore oversight and accountability, your work counts. We need to get out the vote and help progressive candidates. Your donation to Act Blue can help.

On a related note: here's an ad by candidate Patty Wetterling (D-MN 6) that says flat out what should happen to any Congressional leader who was involved in covering for Foley. Wetterling got involved in politics on a platform of child safety after her son Jacob was abducted at gunpoint in 1989. Neither Jacob or the abductor have ever been found.


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