Live Q&A with Joe Sestak

FireDogLake is hosting a live Q&A with Joe Sestak right now.

Go on over and ask a few questions of one of our ActBlue candidates.

Reminder: There are just 30 days before the mid-term elections.

Have you registered yet? Registration deadlines as follows (courtesy of

10/7: MS, NV, RI, SC
10/8: AK, TN, WA
10/9: AR, AZ, HI, LA, WY
10/10: CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MT, NM, OH, PA, TX, UT, VA, MO
10/13: ID, NC, NY, OK
10/14: DE
10/17: MD, ME, MN, NJ, OR, WV
10/18: MA
10/19: WI
10/20: NE
10/23: CA, KS, SD
10/24: CT
10/27: AL, IA, NH, VT
Election Day Registration: ID, ME, MN, ND, NH, WI, WY

If you are not registered to vote, register here:

Even if you think you're registered – you might not be! Your recent application may have been lost or rejected – or your past registration may have been purged by corrupt Republican election officials like Katherine Harris and Ken Blackwell.

"Google" your registration to make sure:

Step 2: Vote Absentee

If you cannot get to your polling place on Election Day (Tuesday November 7), you should apply immediately for an absentee ballot. Fill out this form, print it, check it carefully, sign it, and mail to to the address in the instructions:


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