Down to the home stretch: “Tony Trupiano”–Blue America PAC

Update: Here it is!

We're just days away from Election Day, and our Blue America is doing fantastic work, thanks to the efforts of John, the folks at FireDogLake and and most of all, Howie Klein and because of the donations from all of you.

If you haven't already donated money, we ask that you do so now, so we can make that last push before the elections. Please visit our Blue America PAC page and give what you can.

Matt at MyDD has put his money where his mouth is for Tony Trupiano and we want you to as well. All money donated to Tony's campaign will go for critical ad buys this Monday.

We CAN do this. We can make our Blue America a powerful force in progressive politics and your donation can make a real and substantive difference towards that. Please consider donating to Tony Trupiano's campaign through our Blue America PAC.

FDL: Thanks also to John Kerry, who linked to our Blue America page (as well as Atrios and the Netroots Candidates pages) on his blog (hat tip Taylor Marsh).


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