Blue America’s Darcy Burner

Darcy Burner was one of the first new Blue America candidates we endorsed for 2008. John, Jane and I think really highly of her, not only as an effective and extraordinarily intelligent leader but also as someone who speaks her mind in plain English. Darcy Burner says what she means– in a way that anyone can understand it clearly. Her opponent, who she nearly beat in 2006, is a rubber stamp Republican named Dave Reichert and he’s in big trouble with voters in their suburban Seattle district, mostly because of his lock-step support of the whole Bush-Cheney agenda in Iraq.

Bush is visiting Seattle Monday to do a fundraiser for Reichert and in response Darcy’s campaign is holding a week-long Town Hall meeting with the online community. Her goal is unprecedented– to raise the same $100,000 online that Bush will raise for Reichert from GOP fat cats who want to get their pictures taken with him. You can do your part here at Act Blue, where even $5.00 and $10.00 donations mount up smartly. You can also sign up for Darcy’s Town Hall here and enjoy the video of our pal Ambassador Joe Wilson explaining what’s at stake:

 (Blogged by Howie Klein)


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