Blue America Speaks With Ron Shepston

shepston1.jpg Blue America has been teaching congressmen and congressional candidates to blog.

Some of them take to it like ducks to water. Brad Miller (D-NC) tells us he’d rather blog than make fund-raising calls and his campaign staff says we’re a bad influence. Chris Dodd (D-CT), Charlie Brown (D-CA), Jim Himes (D-CT), and John Laesch (D-IL) all love bloggin’ away, these days and Jim even hosted a Book Salon at FDL about a month ago.

But today Blue America has a new candidate who was a blogger first and then a candidate, someone whose blogging experience encouraged him to run for office. Come by Firedoglake today at 11am, PT / 2pm ET and meet Ron Shepston, a Kossack who is challenging the worst right-winger in the extremely right-wing California Republican congressional delegation, Gary Miller. Ron is an Air Force vet who is serious about getting us out of Iraq and serious about holding Bush and Cheney accountable for any high crimes and misdemeanors they may have committed in the past 7 years. In fact, the first 20 donors who contribute at least $30 to Ron’s campaign at our Blue America page will get an Impeach Cheney baseball cap.


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