Blue America’s Ladies Nite Out

Let’s see if we can raise a few dollars for the five ladies FDL has highlighted.

Jane Hamsher:

We have amazing women running as Blue America candidates. Sam Bennett in PA-15 who appeared here last Saturday was probably one of the most popular candidates we’ve ever had, and she broke our one day fundraising record ($3,292.00). Our other female challengers include Darcy Burner, Donna Edwards (running against the creepy Al Wynn), Angie Paccione (running against the even creepier homophobe Maralyn Musgrave) and Victoria Wulsin (Mean Jean — words fail me) all need our support now, with early money that reaps its value many times over during the course of the campaign.

If you want to see more women in congress, now is the time to step up and open your pocketbooks. Five, ten dollars, whatever you can afford.

Pitch in at our Blue America ’08 page if you can.


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