Blue America Welcomes Andrew Rice

Last night you learned Andrew Rice is a Flaming Lips and a Woody Guthrie fan. This morning the whole story of this remarkable young Oklahoma state senator is up at Down With Tyranny. And at 1pm (Central Time, 11am, here on the West Coast), Andrew will be live blogging over at Firedoglake, answering questions about why he’s running for the U.S. Senate and what he thinks he can do better than the incumbent, Global Warming Denier and all around far right extremist James Inhofe.

Are you one of those C&L readers who wants to get out of Iraq immediately? Andrew’s brother was killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11… and he’s opposed Bush’s approach every step of the way. Today this progressive Democrat in red, red Oklahoma explains why he thinks the time to start getting our men and women out of Iraq is NOW, not tomorrow… now. Surf over and ask him why. Special deal for C&L readers today– the first three $30 and above donors to Andrew’s campaign get an Impeach Cheney cap. Just go to our Blue America Page and add 5 cents to your donation so we know it came from C&L and we’ll send the cap.


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