Happy Anniversary!

Well… not so happy. It’s the fifth anniversary of the Authorization For the Use of Force in Iraq. Maine Congressman Tom Allen voted “no” and continues to oppose Bush’s toxic and catastrophic Iraq agenda. He’s been the single most popular of our Blue America-endorsed candidates this year– judging both by numbers of votes and amount of funds raised. And this evening, as he launches his Virtual Peace Rally he will spend two hours with us at Firedoglake starting at 7:30pm, EDT (4:30 on the West Coast). Surf over and experience the difference between a Democrat who knows how to stand up to Bush’s tyranny and one– his Lieberman-backed opponent, Susan Collins– who only knows how to work a rubber stamp. Tom sent us over a clip his campaign just made, over two of his constituents, Craig and Kathie Cote who live in Franklin, Maine. Their son Jeremy is currently serving his second extended tour in Iraq.


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