Mo’ Better Democrats: Donna Edwards endorsed by Maryland Progressives and The Sierra Club!

Our Blue America and netroots fundraising campaign for Donna Edwards is rocking and so is she!

Howie Klein:

“This is a great week for Blue America-endorsed progressive Democrat Donna Edwards (MD-04) and the Maryland chapter of the Sierra Club just capped it off by bestowing their 2007 Conservationist of the Year Award on her.”

Open Left:

“Progressive Maryland endorsed Donna Edwards. today This is a fairly big deal, as Progressive Maryland is a grassroots group that spearheaded a successful living wage campaign. It has 15,000 members in the state, and imagine this is a sign that that Al Wynn’s opposition to the living wage and Donna’s advocacy for progressive causes is going to factor into the election. ”

We’re trying to raise over 100,000 for Donna so if you can—please donate


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