Blue America welcomes Alan Grayson! Exclusive Video…

Alan Grayson is an attorney who has been taking on war profiteers (like Custer Battles, Halliburton and KBR). Now he’s running for Congress in Orlando against reactionary rubber stamp Ric Keller and he’s the first Blue America candidate we’ve endorsed since November, our debut recommendation for 2008. As always our Blue America page is open… 24-7.

Yesterday Alan put together a special little video ad for C&L. Take a look and if you think this is a guy you want to know more about, he’ll be blogging live today at Firedoglake, 11am (PT)/2pm in Florida. This is a pretty unique guy– and if he ever gets subpoena power, the worst nightmare the right wing could ever imagine.

John Amato: This is someone we can all get behind. His stance and incredible success against the war profiteers in Iraq is remarkable.


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