Hardball Power Rankings: John McCain Is MASTER & COMMANDER!

It’s no secret that Chris Matthews has a mancrush on Senator John McCain, but I think he needs to take a step back and look at reality — stat. During his Power Rankings on Monday’s Hardball, Matthews contends that because John McCain is expected to do well on Super Tuesday and is likely to be considered his party’s nominee for President, and has Rudy Giuliani stumping for him, he will LOOK presidential, therefore, he has the best shot to win the White House in ’08.

So because McCain LOOKS presidential, tens of millions of Democrats will suddenly go brain dead and vote for a man who is running on a platform that runs counter to what they believe in and put another warmongering, anti-choice Republican who is despised by the base of his own party in the White House for another four years.

I put together a little mashup of the segment because by and large, there was little to be found outside the ordinary — what is outside the ordinary (and logical thought) is Tweety and Howard Fineman somehow trying to make people believe that McCain already looks like the presumptive Commander In Chief and that both Obama and Clinton will have a hard time competing against him. Fineman actually brings up the Bay of Pigs…


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