Blue America Welcomes Martin Heinrich

Today’s Blue America candidate is Martin Heinrich and he’s running for Congress in the open Albuquerque seat being deserted by Heather Wilson. He was the president of the City Council there and got a great deal accomplished, including making Albuquerque only the 4th city in the whole country with a minimum wage higher than the state or federal government. For many outside New Mexico, Martin was better known as a mechanical engineer who built a solar powered car and raced it across the country and, more recently, as the guy who was voted “hottest man in U.S. politics.” (Now he has a solar powered home, in which he lives with his wife and two children.) Last Saturday he completely dominated the New Mexico pre-primary convention and today he’ll be joining us for a 2 hour live blog session at Firedoglake at 11AM (PT), which is noon in New Mexico and 2PM on the East Coast. Last night Martin put this clip together for us:


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