Crooks & Liars Welcomes Blue America’s Martin Heinrich

If you live in Albuquerque, today you have an opportunity to get your picture taken with Bush… for $5,000. He’s in town raising money for Darren White, the wannabe rubber stamp Republican extremist who chaired the Bush-Cheney campaign in Bernalillo County. While most sane Republicans are running as fast and as far from Bush and his toxic policies as they can, White is running around town yelling “Four more years!” One respected Republican who worked for the Bush Regime in New Mexico, former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias explained to the NY Times on Sunday why he considers himself a disallusioned Republican. A few days before he explained on video why he feels Darren White is unfit for public office. Today Crooks & Liars is very proud to welcome Martin Heinrich, president of the Albuquerque City Council– who made his bones passing an historic minimum wage law for his city and by working with Governor Richardson on some of America’s most forward-thinkig conservationist policies. Blue America has endorsed Martin and John and I want to urge you to donate to his campaign at our ActBlue page, especially today when Bush is in Albuquerque scooping up Republican dollars for White. Today we’re debuting Martin’s latest video on which he explains his position on Bush’s occupation of Iraq. Stick around and ask Martin question in the comments section.


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