Alan Grayson Shows That Support For Our Vets Means Something More Than Hot Air

Alan Grayson, the progressive Democrat running against a desperate Bush rubber stamp in Orlando, Ric Keller, has had some of the best press of anyone running for Congress this year. The Vanity Fair feature about his work fighting for taxpayers against Iraq war profiteers is powerful and the article Harper’s did on Keller’s hypocrisy and corruption probably has had a great deal to do with why Grayson is ahead of Keller in all the polling– ahead and widening the gap.

But as much as I want to believe that Orlando voters are responding to the two feature stories– and there is even some plausibility to the effectiveness of the racy Harper’s piece since yesterday’s Orlando Sentinel covered it prominently– TV spots seem to have a much greater impact. I look at congressional candidates’ TV spots all day and Grayson’s have been among the best and most effective. I have a feeling that’s why he’s ahead. So ahead that the RNC actually sent out an e-mail calling him the “perhaps the most liberal candidate in America.” Alan wears that badge proudly and tomorrow he’ll start running a new TV ad that will probably elicit more desperate e-mails from the RNC. It’s an ad about what really supporting our troops and vets is all about– not about wearing ribbons or flag pins or making puffed-up jingoistic speeches but about being there when our fighting men and women need you, no matter how boneheaded you think the Commander-in-chief’s decisions are. Keller’s voting record on assisting military vets is nothing short of abysmal and disgraceful. When I asked Alan about it he didn’t hold back: “Keller is one of those fake patriots who loves to send our troops to war, but won’t lift a finger to help them when they get back. He says that he’s ‘pro-life,’ too, but he couldn’t care less about you after you’re born.” You can read all the bills he opposed at the link or you can watch this 30 second TV spot that will start running in Orlando tomorrow:

If you’d like to help make sure lots of people see that ad, you can donate to Alan Gayson’s campaign on his Blue America ActBlue page.


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