Blanche Lincoln, here we come!



We spent almost all day yesterday filming our commercial spots which target Blanche Lincoln’s non-support of a vibrant public option at the C&L Bat Cave. Digby, d-day and BNF’s were amazing. Gordon Skene of Newstalgia also joined the crew and did a bang up job.

I want to thank the readers that have donated to Blue America’s Campaign For Health Care Choice so far. We can still use your help. I told you that we weren’t going to sit by and watch and we’re getting to work.

Adam Green from the PCCC wrote a nice post about our effort called:

Progressive Super Heros vs. Blanche Lincoln…who will win?

Some of my favorite progressive bloggers are teaming up with one of my favorite progressive filmmakers to air a new ad in Arkansas calling out Blanche Lincoln for selling out on the public option.

I’ll be donating to help put it on the air — you can consider it too…read on

While we were shooting all day did we miss any Republican sex scandals? Huh, anything? Maybe Newt Gingrich switched religions again?


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