Blue America’s ad campaign in July weakens Blanche Lincoln in AR: DKos Research Poll: She’s under 50%

Daily Kos Research has a new poll out on Arkansas, and Blanche Lincoln has taken a big hit ever since Blue America came after her.

Daily Kos/Research 2000 Arkansas Poll

2010 Senate race

Blanche Lincoln (D) 44

Gilbert Baker (R) 37

Blanche Lincoln (D) 45

Curtis Coleman (R) 37

Blanche Lincoln (D) 46

Tom Cox (R) 29

Blanche Lincoln (D) 47

Kim Hendren (R) 28

Lincoln is under the 50 percent “safe” mark for incumbents, despite facing a lineup of potential foes unknown by 75-85 percent of poll respondents. There is certainly room for those Republicans to make gains — or lose support — as they become better known. Still, Lincoln’s electoral prospects won’t be harmed by the health care debate, as the public option polls extremely well in Arkansas.

Do you favor or oppose creating a government-administered health insurance option that anyone can purchase to compete with private insurance plans?

Favor Oppose Not Sure

All 55 38 7

Dem 81 14 5

Rep 22 71 7

Ind 56 34 10

The major reason we first targeted Lincoln back in July was that she’s running for reelection in 2010, while many of the ConservaDems on the Senate Finance Committee did not have to face their voters.

It’s amazing that she’s under the 50% threshold now. We’ll be running another wave of TV ads coming up, and I wanted to thank all our readers for making this possible. You can still donate to Blue America’s Health Care for Choice Act Blue page so we can keep fighting for the public option

UPDATE: Change Congress has an action against AR’s Blue Dog Mike Ross.

Today, we are announcing our latest TV ad — calling out the “Blue Dog Democrat” leader, Rep. Mike Ross (Arkansas), for his special-interest contributions from the health industry.

Click here to see the ad and help us air it in Arkansas.

This ad includes a substantial cameo by Keith Olbermann, and for those of you who know my voice, you’ll recognize a certain narrator.

We’re all keeping the heat on.


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