Blue America vs The Chamber of Commerce in Arkansas

Adam Green finds this gem.

Does this ad from the Chamber of Commerce make you furious?

There are like only 200 views of this hideous ad. I hate to post it, but I think some of you who have donated to our Blanche Lincoln action need to be aware of what you have supported and the conservative forces that stand against us. The Chamber of Commerce supports the squishy Conservadem Blanche Lincoln (who is squatting the with Backus Dogs) with a new ad that actually has the audacity to say she’s standing up for working families. If she were, then she’d be on board with the public option.

This is our ad running against it right now in heavy rotation in Lincoln’s back yard.

As Howie Klein says: The ads run for another 8 days and they are running on CNN, Fox (minus Glenn Beck) and MSNBC in every part of the state.

This ad is part of our Blue America’s Campaign for Health Care Choice.

We need your support and have several more actions on the way.


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