Blanche Lincoln whines about Blue America/outside group ads, but votes for cloture on health care

[H/t Heather]

Blanche Lincoln was complaining today about all those outside group ads that were attacking her, but in the end she says she’ll vote for cloture today.

Blue America has been running another massive media blitz in Arkansas demanding give us an up or down vote.

Lincoln: For months now groups from outside my state have assigned various motives for my deliberations on health care and tried to define the meaning of my vote. According to the last tally there has been more than 3.2 million dollars worth of media ads that have been purchased from my home state of Arkansas by groups from outside of our state. certainly none by me. And most with my name in the ad. These outside groups seem to think this is all about my re-election. I simply think they don’t know me very well. I’m focused on my opportunity to to influence the final version of health care reform legislation in a way that most helps my state. That’s why the people of Arkansas sent me here.

I will not allow my decision on this vote to be dictated by pressure from my political opponent nor the liberal interest groups from outside Arkansas that threaten with their money political opposition. The multitudes of emails and ads that we have received, Unbelievable types of threats about what they’re going to do and how they’re going to behave.

She’s trying to feign shock that her name showed up in ads targeted at her in her own state over this issue. Jaysus. Our problem is that we know her too well. If she were truly representing her state, then she would get behind the public option and stop joining with the Republicans, Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu and Lieberman to kill it. She does have a D in her title and she should start acting like one. Why is Lincoln so against the public option and using right-wing language to define it?

She has an opportunity to be part of a great moment in our history. She’s a politician looking to survive. She hates that she’s running for re-election at this time. Well Blanche, sometimes you have to do the right thing and not put your own political career before the entire country’s health care. Right now she’s saying she won’t vote for it. If she joins with the Holy Joes, then she votes at her own political peril.

Here’s Blue America’s new ad that is running now.

Here’s our Blue America Act Blue fundraising page on health care.

(h/t Heather for the video)


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