Special Blue America PAC Live Blogging Event Saturday 10am PST/1PM EST with Marcy Winograd

On Saturday we’ll have a special live blogging hour with LA’s own Marcy Winograd. Blue America has a special announcement at the same time so please join us.

I’ve been thinking about running against Jane Harman for a long time. I’ve had reporters quiz me on it and many readers ask me to run, but I’ve decided not take part in 2010’s Congressional election in my home district of CA-36.

There a few reasons why I’ve taken this path. I think I can do more good for my country and the state of California by concentrating on CrooksandLiars in these troubling times and continue my work for Blue America PAC as the 2010 election comes upon us.

David Neiwert, C&L’s Managing Editor and I are putting the finishing touches on our new book we have just about finished titled Over the Cliff, which will require time to promote it, but there is also another important reason which made it so much easier for me to drop out of consideration for the upcoming election: The fact is we have a great progressive candidate already in the race and her name is Marcy Winograd.

She’s taking the fight once again to the Blue Dog in our district and I’m putting my full support behind her campaign as she moves forward in 2010. Marcy stands for progressives and since she lives in a progressive district, I’m confident she will fight in ongress for those principles and represent her constituents without compromising as we’ve seen Jane Harman do so many times before. So please join me in supporting Marcy Winograd for California’s 36th District.

Please donate if you can.

And we’ll see you tomorrow.


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