New Blue America Contest– Isaac Hayes And The Blue Dogs

OK, I’ll be completely straightforward about this– I don’t know what Isaac Hayes’ political bent was. After all, he quit being Chef on South Park because he was a Scientologist and he was uncomfortable at how Cartman and Kenny and Stan and the rest were disparaging his gullible co-“religionists.” And, he was a king– a monarch… really. He was actually crowned the King of the Ada District in Ghana in 1992. He was only an honorary king, but, let’s face it, that’s pretty much all any kings are these days, right? And then he died (August, 2008)– so we’ll never know for sure. But I always like to think that the man who wrote “Soul Man,” which he said was inspired by the Civil Rights movement, just could not have been a conservative– even if a lout like Ted Nugent desecrated the song by playing it at every live show, presumably to prove– to an audience which couldn’t have cared less— that he isn’t a racist. And what about “Shaft?” See him performing it up top in 1973, introduced by Jesse Jackson? You think that man would be a fan of Republicans or Blue Dogs? I think not! Can you see Michael Steele making those moves?

Anyway before he died Issac autographed a 3 disc greatest hits collection for me, Ultimate Isaac Hayes– Can You Dig It?. The 3rd disc is a rare live DVD which includes… “Chocolate Salty Balls.” And I’m ready to give this beautiful mint box set away. Is it rare and collectible? Um… no one is ever getting another autograph from Isaac Hayes unless they meet him in Heaven. And how do you win it? How about a drawing. I’ll pick a name out of a hat and the winner gets the disc sent to their home. You want to know how to get your name in the hat? Easy: just make a donation– at least $25– to any of the candidates on our Bad Dogs page. These are the Blue America candidates running against Blue Dogs Jane Harman (California), John Barrow (Georgia) and Lori Edwards (Florida). Not only are all three horrible, but all three have extraordinarily good opponents, respectively Marcy Winograd, Regina Thomas and Doug Tudor. Give $25 to any one of their campaigns or split $25 up between them on the Blue America Bad Dogs page and you’re automatically entered in the contest. You do the country some good and you get a chance to win a groovy Issac Hayes collectible.


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