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Blue America is doing what we can to inform the public in matters that…well…matter. We are releasing a new video today.

Howie Klein explains in his story called: There’s a Republican For That:

It’s too easy to dismiss John Boehner, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, David Vitter, Virginia Foxx and even Rand Paul and Sharron Angle as merely a gaggle of crackpots and misanthropes unworthy of being taken seriously. All of them have won Republican primaries and some have won general elections. Inasmuch as they can implement their ideas and the agendas of the corporate CEOs and lobbyists who finance their careers, they’re actually dangerous to our families and our country.

Two progressive public interest political action committees, Blue America and Americans For America, have teamed up to help expose some of the real dangers behind these characters. Today we’re releasing our first video: Think Crazy. Digby’s is writing about Rand Paul and John is taking on his gal Sarah. I got stuck with Boehner…read on

Yes, I got Drill-Baby-Drill Palin. Sarah Palin headlines one of our new ‘Republican Apps’ called ‘Think Crazy.’ Watch the video and you’ll understand the title.

Sarah Palin fits the bill perfectly. She even tries to blame environmentalists for the BP spill while screaming to all her Facebook fanboys that she still wants to “Drill, Baby, Drill.” Yes, Think Crazy.

Overall it’s pretty clear that the GOP is the party of Hooverville. They dug the ditch that threw us in the gutter just as Hoover did back in the day and then they turn to Hoover economics as an actual principle to run on for America’s future. It’s amazing. I keep saying that at times like these, you have to look to the past to see the future. Yes, there have been similar quotes from much smarter people than I, but the truth of Hooverville is undeniable.

American politics has an almost built-in dynamic wherein things just keep repeating. Movement conservatism has all but destroyed the political process in American politics and they have almost completely purged their party of any serious-minded people who are looking to help American families. Their allegiance is to a radical ideology that cares nothing but for blind obedience to the law of the free markets. Too many journalists try to characterize the Tea Party crazies as only a handful of nuts in their bowl of peanuts, but just look at who is representing their beliefs.

And as for the GOP, does Paul Ryan actually make any credible claims about economics? Absolutely not, but he’s their anointed one when it comes to fiscal issues. His ideas are batshit crazy. Ayn Rand Ryan explains it all with Chris Matthews, as Digby points out.

Never say that Ryan or Hoover didn’t want to end the economic crises they lived through. But they both believed that government should have balanced budgets with low taxes above all else, and that the people needed “tough love” or they would decline into indolence. They thought that businesses always knew best and they would voluntarily “do the right thing” (although I would argue that Ryan actually believes they cannot possibly do the wrong thing.) Hoover scrambled after it was too late to put some more rational policies in place, but not in time to halt the Great Depression of his own political ignominy.

The difference is that Hoover didn’t know any better and didn’t have the lesson of the Great Depression to fall back on and Ryan does. He apparently missed class that day (or made it up by reading Amity Schlaes puerile garbage for extra credit.) And anyone who knows better can do nothing but scream at the TV — “he’s actually trying to put us into another Great Depression” — when they hear him say these things, as I just did.

Think John Boehner. Think Rand Paul. Think Sarah Palin. Think the GOP of 2010. Yes, Think Crazy.


Digby writes about Rand Paul (she got the better assignment in my view) and as usual—nails it.

Howie’s writing up the crazy TanMan John Boehner, Amato’s got the kooky Grizzly Mama and I’ve got my favorite nutty Li’l Libertarian Teabagger, Rand Paul.

What can I say about Rand? That he’s a fringy wingnut who calls himself a libertarian but believes women’s bodies are owned by the state? That he’s a self-accredited ophthalmologist who rails against socialist Medicare while taking millions of dollars from the program (because doctors have a “right” to make a comfortable living)? That he’s a misinformed misanthrope who thinks that the Americans with Disabilities act requires two story buildings to install elevators and that unemployed workers need “tough love” rather than unemployment insurance? That he’s a deluded (or mendacious) fool who thinks that civil rights for African Americans could have been achieved through voluntary efforts on the part of bigots? Well, he’s all those things and more…read on

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