Beat Boehner Billboard on the Big Ed Show: “That’s a classic, isn’t it?”

Big Ed loved our Beat Boehner Billboard yesterday and gave it a nice shout out.

Ed Schultz: And check out this billboard, no wonder the tan man is crying about going back to work.

I want to show this billboard near Dayton, Ohio and it’s pretty aggressive and I think it’s funny as could be. It shows John Boehner with a golf club, Beat When was the last time you golfed 119 times in one year? Bob, that’s a classic, isn’t it?

We used Politico, Golf Digest and The Dayton Daily News for source material. Howie has been writing a lot about Boehner’s golfing and fundraising outings for years now.

As I wrote the other day, along with Tiger and Tony Romo, Boehner just loves his golf.

But few take their golf as serious as Boehner, who carries a 7.5 handicap. And, his favorite method of fundraising is taking it to the links — and he’s pretty good at it.

We want to keep running billboards and maybe hit some new candidates so if you can, please donate to Blue America Beat Boehner Billboard page.

(h/t Heather for the video)


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