Blue America’s John Boehner TV ads going LIVE….Please keep them running!

(New John Boehner ad. New John Boehner ad. New John Boehner ad.) You can see how much his golf habit costs him. How much do you spend just on your groceries?

Since our Beat Boehner Billboard has been such a hit with Ohio, the media and all of you, we’ve produced an ad with the help of Americans for America PAC. It’s running in Boehner’s district (OH-08) on Monday and we want to raise enough money to keep it running for as long as we can.

It’s time we started taking the fight to these Corporate /Lobbyist/shills that dress up as Congressmen and wear embarrassing tans like John Boehner does. Check out his appearance on Meet The Press this Sunday:

Boehner makes a complete fool of himself because he refuses to answer Gregory’s questions which ask him if tax cuts pay for themselves. Of course he can’t be honest.

MR. GREGORY: That’s not the question, Leader Boehner. The question…

REP. BOEHNER: And the people that the president wants to tax…

MR. GREGORY: …is, are tax cuts paid for or not?…read on

And he admits to wanting to raise the retirement age to 70. This is the GOP working for you except they are working against you. It’s too bad conservative activists believe failed Bush policies are the way to go. The more money Blue America raises, the more action items we can produce.

Let’s face it folks, the GOP is declaring war on public employee union contracts and pension obligations. Digby and Karoli nail Dick Morris to the wall for pushing these ideas.

Joan McCarter of Daily Kos writes a great post about Boehner’s assault on the people that teach and protect their citizens: Boehner: Teachers, cops are “special interests”
Can it get any worse that that? Yes It Can!

Blue America and Americans for America are issuing a press release today and here’s some of what it says.

Blue America isn’t waiting around to watch them hand Congress over to dangerous dissemblers and corporate shills like Boehner, Cantor, Pence and Paul Ryan. With your help we’ve raised the funds for a series of BeatBoehner billboards and with Boehner’s help, the Ohio media caught on and started reporting them as news. And since Boehner has decided to lie to the press about his golfing addiction, we decided to take it a step further… with the TV ad you see up top. I mean the next couple of billboards aren’t rolling out for a few weeks and since Boehner never comes to the district who else is going to keep his bumbling in front of the voters there?

Here are some quotes from the press release we sent out to Ohio media outlets this morning: According to public records, Boehner’s golf habit has cost him, his PAC, and special interests between $150,000 and $250,000 over the past 10 years– between three to five times the median household income of his constituents ($46,000).

Despite his own lax, golf-friendly work ethic, Boehner believes Ohio and America workers should work harder and longer– and don’t deserve help if they lose their jobs. Boehner grabbed headlines when he told the Pittsburgh Tribune in June he believes the Social Security retirement age should be raised to 70. Boehner has also been the GOP’s point man, along with Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY), in their attempts to block extending unemployment benefits to jobless Americans, even in the current tough recession– and despite the fact his own brother lost his job.

Now Boehner is leading House Republicans in opposing aid to states to avoid laying off teachers, police, firefighters and other state employees in a vote to be held next week.

“John Boehner is angry at teachers, cops, and firefighters for interrupting his summer golf schedule,” said Dan Manatt, co-founder of Americans America PAC. “After all, his golf game is more important than their jobs.”

Boehner, ever the golfing competitor, responded forcefully to attacks on his lavish golf habit. Responding to a billboard sponsored by Blue America on the same theme, Boehner’s office said the billboard was false, and that the Republican golfed only seven at events held by his leadership PAC in 2009.

But Golf Digest, the golfing world’s publication of record, reported in 2005 that Boehner golfs “100 plus” times per year. And Boehner’s trips to St. Andrews in Scotland, Pebble Beach and other golfing meccas are well documented.

Goal Thermometer

We’ve started a new ActBlue page just for Boehner’s TV ads. Please check it out and if you can help us to keep exposing the true beliefs of shills like John Boehner then please donate whatever you can to keep these ads on the air.


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