Blue America’s newest Health Care Hypocrite, Leonard Lance, exposed for carrying taxpayer-funded insurance

Blue America PAC, along with Daily Kos, Americans For America PAC and Americans United have teamed up to run ads that are exposing Republicans who are voting to try and repeal health care for Americans while they are receiving their own government funded health care. In NJ, Rep. Leonard Lance’s people successfully stopped our ad from running on radio due to a technicality, but then the Courier Post actually did some reporting:

Reporter Jane Roh did some great investigative journalism for the Courier Post.
New Jersey Congressman Leonard Lance successfully challenged the accuracy of a radio ad attacking him this week and got it pulled off the air.

But in doing so, the 7th district Republican may have created more problems for himself.

“I should’ve kept my mouth shut,” Chief of Staff Todd Mitchell told the Courier-Post Friday.

The progressive group Blue America PAC Wednesday released basically identical ads hitting four House Republicans on their votes against health care reform. The ads implied the Republicans– Reps. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., Charlie Bass, R-N.H., Sandy Adams, R-Fla., and Lance– enjoy taxpayer-funded health insurance.

“They voted to make it tougher for you to get affordable health care,” the announcer said.

markos tweets:

First smart thing Republican has said in a while: “I should’ve kept my mouth shut”.

Greg Sargent weighs in on the story and has a great piece up online at the Washington Post: House GOPer against big government health care enjoys taxpayer-funded state government insurance

Okay, this one is funny. As you know, Dems and lefty groups have been loudly insisting that House Republicans in favor of repealing the Affordable Care Act should forego the “government run” insurance they enjoy as members of Congress.

One of those GOPers is Rep. Leonard Lance of New Jersey, a fiscal hawk who opposes the health reform law out of opposition to big government. He is in the crosshairs of an ad by Blue America PAC accusing him of enjoying taxpayer-funded insurance. After that ad started running, Lance’s office protested that he is not enrolled in the plan enjoyed by members of Congress, and successfully got the ad pulled. But in response, New Jersey’s Courier-Post did some digging and found that as a retired state government official, he and his family do enjoy taxpayer-funded health care on the state level

Whoops! Rep. Lance’s chief of staff appears to realize that by protesting the ad attacking him, he’s only created more problems. The aide told the Courier-Post: “I should have kept my mouth shut.” It’s another mark of the ways that the politics of repeal — even if the health law is unpopular — are putting some Republicans in a very awkward spot.

I want to thank those of you who have helped fund our newest round of ads and we’re redoing our original one so it will be running in NJ very shortly.

We’d like to run a revamped version of the ad on even more stations. Can you help us with a $10 or $20 contribution here


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