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Leonard Lance Isn’t The Only Anti-Healthcare Republican Who Thinks Taxpayers Should Pay For His Family’s Healthcare

Our radio ads in NJ-7 and FL-24, exposing the gross hypocrisy of Leonard Lance and Sandy Adams-- each of whom tried to deceive their constituents by claiming to not be taking government-subsidized healthcare while getting it from their respective

New Jersey’s Biggest Hypocrite– The New Blue America Ad Leonard Lance Forced Us To Make

Last night Forbes Magazine summed up our dilemma: because technically our first ad was inaccurate-- we didn't mention that Lance was still taking government-subsidized healthcare paid for by New Jersey taxpayers through the state plan instead of

Blue America’s newest Health Care Hypocrite, Leonard Lance, exposed for carrying taxpayer-funded insurance

Blue America PAC, along with Daily Kos, Americans For America PAC and Americans United have teamed up to run ads that are exposing Republicans who are voting to try and repeal health care for Americans while they are receiving their own

Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ) is Blue America’s newest Health Care Repeal Hypocrite

Blue America, DailyKos, Americans United for Change and Americans For America PAC have been producing ads that target Republican hypocrites who are voting to repeal health care for Americans while keeping their own government health care for their own families.

Blue America is