Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ) is Blue America’s newest Health Care Repeal Hypocrite

Blue America, DailyKos, Americans United for Change and Americans For America PAC have been producing ads that target Republican hypocrites who are voting to repeal health care for Americans while keeping their own government health care for their own families.

Howie writes: This morning the Blue America health-care hypocrites radio ad (above) started running on “Good Time Oldies,” 1450 WCTC in Somerset, particularly heavily on Jack Ellery’s morning drive-time talk show. The idea is to challenge two-term Congressman Leonard Lance on his efforts to prevent the health protections he enjoys as a Member of Congress from extending to all American families. Lance, who had signed up for taxpayer-subsidized health care when he was a New Jersey state legislator before he became a congressman, was among the Republicans who voted down a transparency amendment that would have required all Members of Congress to state whether or not they were getting taxpayer-subsidized health care.

Now he’s waffling on whether or not he takes it and there is no way to get the truth of who pays for his family’s health care. His name has never been included on any of the lists of Republican congressmembers rejecting government-funded health care. We may never know the truth, but what we do know is that the House Committee on Energy and Commerce released a study that shows the impact of repealing the health-care reform law specifically on New Jersey’s 7th CD. The findings, in short, showed that the repeal Lance voted for last month would have significant consequences on the district by:

Allowing insurance companies to deny coverage to 120,000 to 303,000 individuals, including 9,000 to 39,000 children, with pre-existing conditions.

* Rescinding consumer protections for 508,000 individuals who have health insurance through their employer or the market for private insurance.

* Eliminating health care tax credits for up to 18,200 small businesses and 74,000 families. ? Increasing prescription drug costs for 8,100 seniors who hit the Part D drug “donut hole” and denying new preventive care benefits to 96,000 seniors.

* Increasing the costs of early retiree coverage for up to 9,700 early retirees.

* Eliminating new health care coverage options for 1,700 uninsured young adults.

* Increasing the costs to hospitals of providing uncompensated care by $17 million annually.

Last night I called Ed Potosnak, the Blue America-endorsed Democrat who ran against Lance in 2010 and will try to do so again in 2012. He told me that he has no idea how Lance funds his personal health care, but that what’s important is that he voted to repeal it for New Jersey’s hard-pressed residents. “Every American,” said Ed, “deserves access to affordable, high quality, health care, and I am committed to improving the new health-care law to allow families to choose a public option. My partner, Jeremy, is a Registered Nurse and tells me how the Emergency Department is being used as a primary care facility for too many Americans, resulting in higher health-care costs at the expense of all Americans. Better health care means a healthier and more prosperous nation.”

If you’d like to help us expand the rotation of the ad — or if you’d like to contribute to Ed’s campaign — you can do it at this Act Blue Page

The Politico has an article up telling the story of the problems 16 Republican House members are having with their own health care after opting out of their government program. Ah, you can smell the schadenfreude:

Insurance reality hits House GOP

Ask any House Republican about repealing President Barack Obama’s health care law, and you’ll get the same fiery, self-assured talking points about tearing down what Speaker John Boehner has called a “monstrosity.”

But talk to some of the 16 freshman lawmakers who have declined their government health benefits, and you’ll hear a different side of the story — about tough out-of-pocket expenses, pre-existing conditions and support for health reforms that would help those who struggle with their coverage. As they venture into the free market for health insurance, these lawmakers — many of whom swept into office fueled by tea party anger over the health care law — are facing monthly premiums of $1,200 and fears of double-digit rate hikes.

The experience has caused some of them to think harder about the “replace” part of the “repeal and replace” mantra the GOP has adopted regarding the health care law.

“I have a niece who has pre-existing conditions, and I worry about her if she was ever to lose her job,” said Florida Rep. Richard Nugent, one of the freshman lawmakers who declined federal health insurance benefits.

Every single House Republican voted to repeal the health care law last month….read on

As these idiots are finding out, reality sucks when you have to live in the real world and deal with our health-care system. Please help us by exposing them.

(Blue America PAC is made up of CrooksandLiars, DownWithTyranny and Digby)


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