Why We “Are Voting For the Other” …Susan Collins Hasn’t Earned 6 More Years

Olympia Snowe was a moderate Republican working for all Mainers. Susan Collins isnโ€™t Olympia Snowe and she does more for her own partyโ€™s Beltway Establishment than she does for Maineโ€™s working families.

We have a choice on November 4thโ€” another 6 years in Washington for a Mitch McConnell surrogate or a chance for a fresh start with Shenna Bellows who differs with Collins by advocating equal pay for equal work, working against government encroachment on our constitutional rights and working for an increase to $10.10 for the minimum wage. Time to say goodbye to Paul LePage and Susan Collins!

Fired up? Help Shenna get her message out to Mainers, here.


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