Alex Law Endorses Bernie Sanders… And Ice-T

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Ice-T released his fourth album– and many say his best– O.G., Original Gangster in 1991. It made it into the top 10 and was awarded a gold album. Ice lives in New Jersey now and Blue America decided to give away one of those original RIAA-certified O.G. gold record awards to help us raise contributions for a young candidate in New Jersey’s first congressional district, Alex Law. Turns out Alex is an Ice-T fan. “Ice-T’s music and story,” he told us, “are inspiring to me. Despite his difficult upbringing and early life, he was able to become a voice for the voiceless through his music, expressing the frustrations of the African American community in a way that was relatable for many people. He was fearless in his critique of mainstream society and never backed down to pressure from those who were uncomfortable with his truths. As I fight against corruption and conservative policy here in South Jersey, I can’t help but take inspiration in his courage through adversity.”

Anyone who contributes– regardless of amount– to Alex’s campaign on this page this week will have a chance to randomly win this gold record as a thank you gift from Blue America.

But winning an Ice-T gold record is far from the biggest reason you should consider helping Alex win a seat in Congress. As he reminded us yesterday, “Proudly, I am the only Democrat running for office in New Jersey that has endorsed Bernie Sanders for President. Like me, Bernie is talking honestly to real people about progressive ideas. I admire his courage and his vision for the country and firmly support his candidacy. Bernie Sanders speaks for all of us as he fights big money interests to improve the lives of real Americans. His policy is common sense and his honesty is refreshing. His progressive campaign is a tremendous inspiration for me. Particularly, Bernie’s thoughts on student loan reform, campaign finance reform, income inequality, raising the minimum wage, diplomacy over war, tax reform, and drug reform resonate deeply with me. His influence is apparent in my policy ideas.” 

Even other candidates who admire Bernie don’t have the courage to publicly endorse him. Alex has also been forthright in talking about the Black Lives Matter movement, something that frightens or confuses many candidates. “The #BlackLivesMatter movement is one that I support whole heartedly,” he told us. “I often tell people that we have a creed in this country that we are the ‘Land of the Free,’ but our creed isn’t matching our deed. We imprison more people in this country than any nation in the history of the world. Disproportionally, many of our imprisoned population are African-American males. Even more heart breaking, victims of police violence are similarly disproportionally made up of the same community. I believe we need comprehensive drug reform, including the legalization of marijuana, to get many of these individuals out of prisons and prevent law enforcement from using these ridiculous laws as reasons for mistreating the African American community. Further, we need to make sure our policy for other drugs is shifted to treatment rather than punishment. Finally, I believe that nation-wide, the police should have to wear body cameras so that everything that is done while on duty is recorded for the public record. This will make accommodation of professional, excellent police work easier as well as prevent much of the wonton violence that has plagued our society over the past year.”

If Alex wins the primary– which in NJ-01 is tantamount to winning the election– he will turn 25, the legal age to enter Congress, just in time. He’ll bring a much-needed and unique perspective to Congress, to whichever committees he’s assigned and to the Democratic caucus. The current incumbent, New Jersey Machine boss George Norcross’ little brother, announced this week that he’s voting against the Iran deal. His first vote in Congress was to back the Republican plan to kick President Obama out of the Keystone XL Pipeline decision-making process. He’s a typical DINO steep in the kind of systemic corruption at the heart of what’s wrong with American governance and politics. Alex, who opposes building the Keystone XL and supports the Iran deal, couldn’t be a clearer anymore inspiring alternative to Norcross.

“My campaign is simple. It isn’t about big money and back room deals and political operatives. My campaign is about people.That’s why every day we knock on hundreds of doors. That’s why every week we make thousands of phone calls. That’s why every month our support is growing and our volunteers are spreading our ideas. This campaign is about honesty and smart progressive policy that will make America a better place. I am running against Donald Norcross in next year’s primary because he represents the worst in American politics: catering to special interests, machine political corruption, and voting with the Republicans constantly despite his Democratic district. We are lean and we are grassroots, but ultimately, we will win this election. “

Please help him make that happen… and maybe you’ll luck out and win the Ice-T gold record for your trouble.


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