Endorsement Alert: Angie Nixon (Jacksonville)

Yesterday we talked briefly about Florida state Rep. Kimberly Daniels, one of the worst “Democrats” we’ve run across in many years. As I mentioned, Blue America has endorsed the progressive Democrat running for Daniels’ seat this cycle, Angie Nixon. Another candidate for the state legislature, Robert Lynch, from the Miami area, told me that his chief advisor, Dr. Fergie Reid helped him “identify a number of races here in Florida of strategic importance. We can assure a win for Angie in a matter of weeks if we can raise enough money to show the Republicans that we mean business. We want to send them a message that we aren’t messing around and are coming for every seat they thought was safe.”

Lynch put his money where his mouth is and gave each candidate a substantial contribution from his persona funds. I invited Angie to introduce herself with a guest post. If you like what she has to say, please consider contributing to her campaign by clicking on the 2020 Blue America state legislative thermometer way at the bottom of this post.

I know, I know. You read that headline about Daniels thanking God for slavery and thought, there’s just no way someone, especially an African American woman, could, let alone would, go on record stating that they’re happy slavery existed. Well, it’s true and if you think that’s the only zany thing she’s said or done, sadly you’re mistaking. There’s more. A whole lot more.

Meet Kimberly Daniels. Former Jacksonville City Councilmember and now current State Representative. Kim Daniels came onto the Jacksonville political scene touting herself as “Mike Mike’s Mama” Mike Mike, being Ex-NFL football player Michael Jennings who would later be arrested during a drug raid.

During her time on Council, Daniels spoke out against the Jacksonville Human Rights Ordinance which allowed protections for the LGBTQ community, and even went so far as trying to link the bill to bestiality. She was later unseated, but not before getting into verbal and alleged physical altercations with other city council candidates.

Daniels, a pastor, evangelist and self-professed “demon buster,” has been on a mission to bring uber conservative Christian values back into politics and into public schools. Unfortunately, she’s been successful, far too successful.

She’s doing it all while running in what’s considered a Black Democratic stronghold, by pushing a narrative full of wedge issues based on religion, homosexuality and abortion. This lawmaker has pushed anti-choice legislation that is jeopardizing the lives of young people, attempted to make it easier for pedophiles to receive civil citations as opposed to felony charges and totally disregarded the concept of the separation of church and state. She even admitted to filing false financial records.

Daniels has a history of being backed by GOP donors, including those running private prisons. She truly has an issue with ethics and accountability. Her district office isn’t even located in the district. It’s right next to the Republican mayor’s office in city hall and another state legislator that happens to be a Republican– as well as conservative Congressman Al Lawson’s office. Daniels is currently being sued by her former district aide for wrongful termination and using taxpayer money via a state of Florida attorney to represent her. On top of all this, a pastor she’s reportedly been romantically linked to is being sued by the state of Florida related to a bill she championed. She continues to hustle and has used her church to assist with this.


Why is a Black Florida Democratic state lawmaker being funded by Trump supporters? Probably because she has publicly stated she “Thanks God for Slavery” and has publicly lambasted the LGBTQ community
  -by Angie Nixon

Roughly 12 years ago, my favorite cousin, Breon, was killed. I was only a year out of college and I lost him to the school-to-prison pipeline. We were practically raised together. The only difference was the type of public school we attended. He attended all of his neighborhood schools and my mom bused me over an hour across town for elementary school to attend a magnet school. I never quite understood why she made the decisions she made regarding my education until I asked her if I could I attend the same high school that practically everyone on both sides of my family attended, even my older brother Tony. Her response makes me cringe, still to this day. My mom stated, “No you can’t attend Raines High School. I don’t want to make the same mistake I did with your brother.” I was devastated, but I totally understood where she was coming from.

While attending a magnet school across town in elementary school and then academic magnets placed in low-income neighborhoods where many of the students from the neighborhood couldn’t attend, I noticed some staunch differences. I often had different books and course offerings than the other kids in the neighborhood. The schools I attended were full of resources and updated technology, while my friends who lived on my block had no idea how to use certain programs we had, let alone qualified to attend the number one high school in the nation I graduated from.

Looking back on this… I get so pissed off every time I think about it. Especially because I know my cousin would still be alive if he would’ve followed my same path. He started getting into trouble in middle school, but some of the same things he was punished for and suspended for, students who attended my school often got slaps on the wrist for. I decided that after my cousin was killed by his “friend,” I had to do more than get pissed off. I had to work to ensure that my daughter wouldn’t lose her favorite cousin, Breon’s son Cy’kai to the school to prison pipeline too.

This is why I became a community organizer. I wanted to ensure underserved and under-represented communities had the same access to resources and opportunities that the more wealthy sides of town had. It’s been a struggle but one of the roles of an organizer is an agitator. We have to agitate folks to realize that they deserve equity and parity in terms of access to opportunities, quality education, living wage jobs, clean neighborhoods and affordable healthcare, just to name a few. For instance, my mom knew I deserved better but she knew that all all the other neighborhood kids did as well. This is why it’s so important to highlight the disparities that exist in these communities, while working to diminish them. Again, I realized I couldn’t just be mad, so I had to start doing something and leading by example.

Over the years, I turned my passion and love for the community into a 10 year career as a community organizer. I have created place-making events that provided access to healthy food options in food deserts, brought in educational opportunities and training opportunities for small business owners, and created family-friendly environments that focused on the overall health and well being of residents.

In 2013, I co-founded and operated Northside & LOVE (Lifting Our Various Enterprises) for a few years, which was a summer arts and vendors market that took place in the district at Lonnie Miller Park, sponsored by VyStar and Aetna. I also founded and organized Kidpreneur Fest, an annual event that showcases kid entrepreneurs and allows them to pitch their businesses for a chance to win funding for their business. I partnered with State Representative Tracie Davis and the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce on that event.

I am also the organizer and co-founder of The Melanin Market. The Melanin Market is in its fourth year of operation and serves the community by providing small business owners with resources to grow their businesses, providing healthy food options in a food desert and connecting residents to resources and services needed to enhance the community’s quality of life.

In 2017, I raised over $10,000 for single moms affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. As a single mom, I understand the daily struggles even without severe weather shutting down our cities.

I currently serve as Director for the Florida Public Service Union’s Higher Education Campaign (SEIU-FPSU) and previously the State Field Director for the Service Employees International  Union of Florida (SEIU FL). I have also served as the North Florida Regional Organizer for New Florida Majority.

As the Higher Education Director, I am working with adjunct professors and getting them organized as we fight for access to quality education and work towards free college. Currently I am a member of a Higher Education Task Force where we are working to draft a plan for reopening our colleges and universities to present to the governor and his official task force. The disparities that exist between larger universities and smaller community and state colleges are comparable to those that I witnessed between magnet and neighborhood schools. This is one of the reasons I entered this race– to fight to fully fund public education.

In addition to fighting to fully fund public education, my now 12 year old daughter and I travel the country hosting writing workshops in low income communities. This was a direct result of her having issues with reading and insecurities. We wrote a mini-comic book series called The Adventures of Moxie McGriff while she was 7 to increase her love for literacy and diversity in literature. We have now opened a sandwich and smoothie shop in a food desert to assist in lowering the rates of food insecurity. We plan on hiring teens to help them gain real world job experience.

As a former district aide to Florida State Representative Mia Jones, in House District 14, I remember what it was like to have a full time representative and someone who really worked for the community. It is my goal to once again bring a level of professionalism, ethics and accountability to the seat. It is my goal to win this election and take a more hands-on approach in the position.

Upon election, I will move my office back into the district. The current State Rep does not have her office in the district, but rather the mayor’s office thereby making her virtually inaccessible to residents. I will also establish a District 14 advisory committee comprised of diverse residents, business owners, students, parents and community leaders to help me craft and drive policy that affects our community. I also plan to have monthly community conversations and town halls in different areas around the district, so that I can be fully accessible to residents.

Goal ThermometerI also plan to work to reform the cash bail system. Individuals charged with misdemeanor offenses should not sit in jail due to an inability to pay bail, but that is the case for too many of those living in poverty in this state. I recently served as the deputy director for the national Represent Justice campaign where we fought for comprehensive criminal justice reform.

Florida ranks near the bottom of all states where healthcare access and affordability are concerned, and more than 2 million Floridians are without any form of health insurance coverage. Last year I served on the leadership team for the Medicaid Expansion Campaign in the state of Florida. I plan on continuing that fight to ensure low income families have access to quality healthcare.

A Floridian making minimum wage would need to work 108 hours each week–the equivalent of 3 full-time jobs–to be able to afford the average 2 bedroom apartment in the Sunshine State. I will continue working with unions across the state advocating for an increase in the minimum wage to a living wage.

These are a few of the policies and projects that I have worked on and will continue working on. Being elected would only expand my ability to do more! I would appreciate your support in my efforts to flip this seat BLUE! Please visit my website at angienixon.com to learn more about me and vision for the community.


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