Adam Christensen Won His Primary Tuesday– A better future IS possible. Can you help?

On Tuesday we had some significant victories in the Florida primaries, especially for Florida legislature candidate Angie Nixon and for FL-03 congressional candidate Adam Christensen. Angie’s district is so blue that she doesn’t even have a Republican opponent in November.

Adam’s district… well, it’s pretty red and gave Trump a 16 point margin in 2016. The current crackpot, Ted Yoho, is stepping down and we think Adam has a good shot to flip it from red to blue. The DCCC isn’t interested in the district or in Adam, a staunch progressive.

Please consider helping him mount a substantial campaign and putting his ideas into action– both for the election and in Congress. “Last Tuesday we shocked the world,” he told me. “We did something that no one thought was possible. We ran an entirely youth-led progressive campaign in Ted Yoho’s district and won the Democratic nomination for Congress.”

Former presidential candidate Marianne Williamson is a big supporter and said she found it “so refreshing to talk to someone who represents everything you think America should be. Adam Christiansen is someone whose presence in Congress would contribute to the much-needed process of transforming the institution.”

“Experts” told Adam that “to win we would have run as a ‘moderate’ and ‘water down’ our policies. We were told that the only path to the nomination was to win Alachua. We were told that we were too young, too idealistic, and that it ‘wasn’t our time.’ We were told that we didn’t have the money or the name recognition to be able to beat our better-funded opponents. In the end, we proved them all wrong.” He did something no Democrat had ever done; he won the red-leaning rural counties– and he won them by talking about a progressive policy agenda for working class Americans.


We proved that Medicare For All and a Green New Deal are winning issues in deep red states. We formed coalitions and organized Florida state House candidates in our congressional district in a way that had never been done before. We galvanized young voters because we gave them a candidate who listens and fights for the issues they care about most. We convinced people in a district that everyone had written off that it was possible to win, and we did. We made history by nominating the youngest Democratic candidate in the country at the age of 26 years old.

We are not done. This was just the warm-up for the real battle ahead. Now, it is time to flip Ted Yoho’s district and flex the muscle of the progressive left in North Central Florida.

Here’s how we’re going to do it.

Just like we did in the primary, we are going to focus on and win the rural vote. We are going to organize and turn out the Latinx population that has been overlooked by candidates for decades. We are going to unify Independent and Democratic women. We are going to give a way back to the middle class for farmers, workers, and families by focusing on them instead of the companies that have destroyed their way of life for 40 years. We are going to organize from the Florida state House districts up, flip the Florida House, flip Florida Congressional District 3, and defeat Donald Trump in November.

Our congressional district is the pivot point in Florida to defeating Donald Trump. Defeating Donald Trump is not enough. We have to break up corporate cartels and monopolies. We have to build an entire caucus of progressives that is able to push and pass the solutions we need in order to make our lives better: Medicare For All, Universal Childcare, a Green New Deal, Universal Broadband Internet, and Emergency Universal Basic Income.

It is time to get off the sidelines and believe that a better future is possible. We must make it a reality that if you work eight hours a day, you are able to afford a home, a family, and a decent life. The only way we achieve that is to organize and force those currently in power to do what we want.

Goal ThermometerIf there was ever a period in American history that this victory was possible, it is now.

It is time that we take our lives back. It is time that we fight for our families and our future. It is time that we tear down the structures that have held us back for too long. It is time that we flip Florida’s Third Congressional District.

It is time for us to send unrelenting, unapologetic, fearless progressives to Washington.

It is OUR time.

Howie: Our time? Not his time– OUR time. And you know, he can’t do it alone; none of us can. Please give him a hand by clicking on the thermometer above and contributing what you feel comfortable giving. Don’t worry if it isn’t much– He won his primary with all small donations from individuals.

Need more information? Watch:

Thanks for always doing what you can to help make this a better world,

Howie, for the entire Blue America team.


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