Even If You Don’t Have A Coffee Table… This “Made In America” Coffee Table Book Is Fantastic

Last Chance to enter Contest To Benefit Cori Bush & Jamaal Bowman

Today’s the last day of our contest. We’re giving away 3 autographed copies of Nancy Ohanian’s brand new coffee table book, Made In America. The contest ends at midnight (wherever you are) and tomorrow we’ll randomly pick the 3 winners from among campaign donors to Cori Bush’s and Jamaal Bowman’s campaigns— any amount— at this ActBlue page.

Both of these stand-up progressives are being brutally attacked by AIPAC and other billionaire-financed groups from the pro-genocide lobby. George Latimer, the AIPAC-recruited puppet smearing Jamaal Bowman has already taken $1.3 million in pro-genocide blood money. Latimer has “raised” a million dollars for the Jamaal and Wesley Bell, the AIPAC shill in St Louis has outraised Cori Bell as well, almost entirely from funds flowing into his campaign from AIPAC-directed genocide-supporters.

The New York date is June 25 and the Missouri primary will be August 6. Even if you don’t want the incredibly beautiful and collectable Made In America, please consider contributing to Cori and Jamaal anyway. These two races will be won on get-out-the-vote efforts, not expensive consultants and TV ads.

On Friday, Acela Lacy reported that the spending so far is nothing compared to what the AIPAC money launderers have in store. She wrote that just AIPAC’s SuperPAC alone, the United Democracy Front, is expected to launch its first ads in the coming weeks against Bowman, as much as $25 million worth, more than has ever been spent in any House primary in history. Bowman’s campaign manager, Gabe Tobias, told her that “Their MAGA billionaire donors are spending everything they have against us because they know that Jamaal Bowman speaks for a majority of Democratic voters— from a ceasefire in Gaza to Medicare for All— and that our Democratic coalition can only be defeated with millions of dollars spent to divide our communities.”

AIPAC is expected to spend nearly the same amount against Cori Bush in a much less expensive media market. Neither of these solidly blue districts would ever support a Republican, so wealthy Trump supporters are sending their huge contributions to the AIPAC conservative candidates instead and to AIPAC’s vicious SuperPAC. AIPAC is notorious for targeting progressive people of color but no one in the Democratic Establishment wants to just come out and say it: AIPAC is a right-wing racist entity since it makes people wonder about the Black Uncle Toms who AIPAC does support.


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