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This One Could Surprise People

The most appealing things about the Dean tenure's 50 state strategy was the idea that you never know what might happen in any campaign so it was best to be prepared and at least nominally support candidates everywhere just in case the brilliant

Election Day Is Three Weeks Away

Blue America asks for your thoughts on where to spend their extra cash.

Billy Kennedy: Tax Cuts For The Middle Class/Virginia Foxx: Tax Cuts For The Wealthiest 3%, by Howie Klein, crossposted at DWT

Earlier today we asked you to consider helping us get our Virginia Foxx ad on TV in northwestern North Carolina. Several people have asked me to contrast Foxx with the Democrat running for the seat she presently occupies, Billy Kennedy, one of

Would You Like To Help Retire Hatemonger Virginia Foxx? by Howie Klein, crossposted at DWT

It's very nice that Illinois Republican Rep. Aaron Schock works out in a gym and wears lavender blouses and chartreuse belts, and it's a step forward-- I think-- that California Republican Rep. David Dreier no longer even bothers to pretend and is

Live Chat: Blue America Welcomes Billy Kennedy (NC-05)

When I first heard North Carolina farmer/carpenter Billy Kennedy-- an actual progressive, non-Blue Dog, real-life Democrat-- was going to run agains

Blue America is