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Meet Eloise Reyes, The Progressive Candidate Running For Congress In The Inland Empire

Eloise Reyes' race is about more than providing another career politician with the next step on his professional ladder. It’s about making life better for people who desperately need a voice in Congress.

Meet Barbara Buono, Chris Christie’s Worst Nightmare

Meet Barbara Buono, Chris Christie's Worst Nightmare

We Won– Thanks!

Tuesday Progressives made their voice heard and voted Ed Markey the Democratic challenger in Massachusetts. Now the REAL work begins!

Support Daylin Leach, Who Wants To Save Social Security From Chained CPI

At Blue America we've been asking our candidates for Congress where they stand on Chained CPI and other Austerity schemes to reduce benefits for seniors in order to allow the wealthy to pay immorally low tax rates.

Blue America Welcomes Senator Toi Hutchinson (D-IL)

We all often talk about how crucial it is that our political leaders have some kind of inbuilt empathy system for the ordinary working families whose interests they're supposed to be serving. The alternative, as we've seen, is a kind of

Blue America chat: Activist Debra Cooper for New York City Council

When the Netroots first appeared in the middle of the last decade, there were a few people who instantly joined up as supporters, benefactors and activists who "got it." But no one got it more clearly than our good friend Debra Cooper, a long

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