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Anything can happen

Today You And The Billionaires Have The Same Number Of Votes-- One

So today's the big day, the culmination of months of hard work by progressives around the country. We have heard from every pollster, pundit and prognosticator and now it's down

Raul Grijalva has your back on foreclosure fraud. Will you have his on November 2nd?

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Mortgage reform is not a second tier or niche issue. The economy we’re facing now is in part a direct result of the housing collapse brought on by predatory lending and irresponsible

Billy Kennedy: Tax Cuts For The Middle Class/Virginia Foxx: Tax Cuts For The Wealthiest 3%, by Howie Klein, crossposted at DWT

Earlier today we asked you to consider helping us get our Virginia Foxx ad on TV in northwestern North Carolina. Several people have asked me to contrast Foxx with the Democrat running for the seat she presently occupies, Billy Kennedy, one of

Republicans fear George Bush’s new book could influence the midterms

It's all coming into place. My hope that America would be reminded that the mess our country is in is a direct result of George W. Bush's administ

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