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Endorsement Alert: Meet Joaquín Vázquez

California's 51st congressional district-- now CA-52-- is the very southwest corner of the continental U.S., in the San Diego area and along the Mexican border all the way to Ar...

Mayor Bryan Osorio vs The Conservative “Approach” To The Climate Crisis

Delano, California Mayor Bryan Osorio is the only progressive in a crowded race for the Republican-held congressional seat in the Central Valley (CA-21). It's the most Democrati...

California Has A Special Election In 3 Weeks With The Same Dynamics As The Nina Turner Race

The special election for California's 18th Assembly district is a race much like the Nina Turner contest-- a super-blue area contested by a progressive fighter and a status quo ...

East Bay Endorsement Alert: Janani Ramachandran

Ramachandran, endorsed today by Blue America-- you can contribute to her campaign by clicking on the state legislative thermometer on the right-- was also endorsed by the San J...

Yes, I Will Always Send The Elevator Down– Guest Post By Rishi Kumar, CA-18

This country is a dream come true. I want to give everything I can for America and Silicon Valley, who I love dearly. I will fight for your interests, not for special interests....

DCCC Lost All The Races Yesterday– But Progressives Did Well

Last night 3 important congressional races ended. Nancy Pelosi, Cheri Bustos and their DCCC need to think closely about what happened. One contest was a primary in Omaha and two...

Blue America Endorsement– Georgette Gómez (CA-53)

In the last 2 days San Diego City Council president Georgette Gómez has been endorsed by some of the most trusted names int progressive politics-- AOC, Ro Khanna, Jamie Raskin,...

Blue Dog Jim Costa’s Strong Progressive Opponent, Kim Williams

Costa has not stayed in office all these years because he has addressed the needs of his constituents. He has stayed in office because our voters have had to choose between the party of Trump and a man who spent last Congress voting with Trump 47% of the time. This March, however, voters will finally have a choice, and this Valley will finally have a chance.

GO TIME: Primaries This Tuesday And Beyond

It begins...First Super Tuesday primary is tomorrow. Howie lays out what the stakes are... and what does it mean to be a progressive candidate in these races?

14 California Republicans Just Handed Their Own Constituents A Big Tax Increase

The entire CA GOP Congressional delegation voted to raise their own constituents by voting for the Disastrous Ryan-Trump Budget, destroying the State Tax deductions. Some families will be paying $25,000 more per year!

Winning Back A Blue Seat In California Takes A Progressive

After losing 1,000 seats over the past eight years you'd think the Establishment Dems would get a clue.

There is only One Way to Stop Trump

The only way to beat back the 'Trumpocalypse' is by taking back the House in 2018 midterms. Time's over for infighting, "what ifs" and "Your Faults." Here is where to start:

Blue America is