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Corrupt Conservatives Move To Kneecap Another Courageous Progressive Voice

Let me start with something uninformed and typically stupid and misleading from three Politico senior reporters about the IL-06 congressional race, pitting progressive Marie New...

Rachel Ventura Working To Unite Bernie And Elizabeth Supporters

Blue America first endorsed Rachel Ventura for Congress back in August. And now we're coming up quickly to her primary (March 17) in Illinois' 11th district, mostly suburbs sout...

Up To Bat In March — Progressives In Texas And Illinois

This week we’re asking you to consider helping our Texas and Illinois candidates and leave the others for another time. Let's make sure the progressives get into the Texas runoffs and into the Illinois general election.

Blue America Welcomes Senator Toi Hutchinson (D-IL)

We all often talk about how crucial it is that our political leaders have some kind of inbuilt empathy system for the ordinary working families whose interests they're supposed to be serving. The alternative, as we've seen, is a kind of

Blue America Welcomes Dr. David Gill (D-IL)

Blue America was the first national group to endorse Ilya Sheyman and we were sad that the DCCC and other DC conservatives were able beat him in the primary last month. But we were as happy as can be that just to the southeast of his district,

Live Chat: Blue America Welcomes Ilya Sheyman, D-Illinois

The first time I mentioned Ilya Sheyman, the progressive Democrat running for the northern Chicago suburban seat held by GOP freshman Robert Dold, it was in a long and rambling post lashing out against conventional wisdom. When I finally got

Late Night Music Club with Red Smear

Today's NY Times made it clear that the WGA strikers were the stars of last night's Golden Globes ceremony-- and that NBC just did a bumbling and inau

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