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Happy New Year from Blue America!

If you were one of the several hundred Blue America contributors who made a donation to Shenna Bellow’s campaign when she ran for Susan Collin’s Senate seat in 2014 or for t...

Winning Back The Senate

Just as he's done in Colorado, North Carolina, Arizona, New Mexico, etc, Brooklyn's Chuck Schumer has decided to choose who Maine's U.S. Senate nominee for the Susan Collins sea...

Senate Endorsement: Betsy Sweet To Replace Susan Collins In Maine

The road to dislodging McConnell next year runs through Maine. And that means nominating a candidate who will give a massive number of voters a reason to come out and vote. Betsy Sweet is that woman.

The unprincipled insiders did it again

Shenna Bellows, probably the one person most responsible for bringing Equal Marriage to Maine was ignored by the Human Rights Campaign this week when they laughably endorsed Republican "bucket of lukewarm water," Senator Susan Collins. The left was outraged but, who is going to do something about it? We hope you.

A Fighting Chance

Blue America was one of the first groups outside of Massachusetts to endorse and start raising small contributions for Elizabeth Warren. She kept up with Brown and she beat him and in the end she won 56% of the votes. She's a beacon of inspiration for us today. And she very much reminds me of another woman from New England, Maine's Shenna Bellows, taking on a popular Republican incumbent.

Blue America is