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Candidate Endorsement Alert In New Jersey: Hector Oseguera

New Jersey's 8th congressional district-- most of Hudson County, parts of Essex and Union counties and includes Hoboken, Elizabeth, Weehauken, West New York, half of Newark and ...

GO TIME: Primaries This Tuesday And Beyond

It begins...First Super Tuesday primary is tomorrow. Howie lays out what the stakes are... and what does it mean to be a progressive candidate in these races?

3 More Days Left In Our Ice-T Gold Record Fundraiser For Alex Law

Hasn't New Jersey suffered enough from self-serving politicians on both sides of the isle? Let's start to clean that mess up by replacing Norcross with Alex Law in the first district, Camden, Cherry Hill, Glassboro, Deptford, Gloucester, Haddonfield, Palmyra...

Meet Barbara Buono, Chris Christie’s Worst Nightmare

Meet Barbara Buono, Chris Christie's Worst Nightmare

New Jersey Can Help Fix The Senate

Letter from Rush Holt, the NON-Wall Street shill that's running for the seat Frank Lautenberg is giving up in the Senate. Blue America has endorsed him-- read on to find out why.

Ed Potosnak Comes Out For k.d. lang… A New Blue America Contest

I was the general manager of Sire Records when k.d. lang released her platinum smash album, Ingénue in 1992. I worked on the amazing video for "Constant Craving," which I wanted to use in this post. But Warner Bros Records, a company long since

Live Chat: Blue America Welcomes Ed Potosnak, D-New Jersey

No signs of any rapture in New Jersey this morning yet. In fact, at 11am (PT; 2pm in NJ) Ed Potosnak -- the Blue America-endorsed candidate for the Congressional seat currently being held by health-care hypocrite Leonard Lance -- will be talking

Live Chat: Blue America Welcomes Jeff Gardner (D-NJ)

When a mutual friend at DFA called me to tell me about a candidate for state Senate in New Jersey running in a Paterson-based district not far from where I once lived, I came away very impressed with his credentials and with the significance of

Blue America is