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Zach Shrewsbury Is Wrapping Up His Senate Primary Campaign Strong— And Ready To Take On Jim Justice

Manchin was the last holdout of a once formidable state Democratic Party machine that, for seven decades, had kept West Virginia solidly blue. In 1996, Bill Clinton won the stat...

Can A Real Democrat Defeat Joe Manchin AND Jim Justice?

I’ve been speaking with dedicated West Virginia progressive, Zach Shrewsbury— politically a Bernie kind of guy, not a Joe Manchin kind of guy. In fact, Zach has just launche...

The Rush To Stop A Progressive Agenda Is Not Just About Republicans– Not At All

Lieberman discussed his role in ACA negotiations and his work with No Labels, which has sought to constrain the Build Back Better bill. The current makeup and hyperpartisan poli...

Paula Jean Swearengin– A Coal Miner’s Daughter, Granddaughter, Niece And Stepdaughter

West Virginia was the ultimate blue state starting with FDR's first election in 1932. Two years earlier, the Democratic Party won the state House and held it, uninterrupted from...

Blue Wave– High Enough For West Virginia?

Conventional Beltway "wisdom" is that you need "GOP-lite" Democrats to win in traditionally "Red" states. The West Virginia model is proving the Villagers Wrong-- the People of WV's first district are 'woke' and want Kendra Fershèe, unabashed Progressive for Congress. Now she needs our help.

Blue America Welcomes Sue Thorn (D-WV)

Blue America is proud to be officially endorsing Sue Thorn today. Sue is a grassroots community activist whose ideas about the role of government hearken back to a time when West Virginians very much saw government as a way of balancing the

Blue America is