Dave Mejias

Tomorrow over at Blue America, we’re introducing you to Dave Mejias, the dynamic young progressive taking on Long Island rubber stamp wingnut Peter King. Dave will be blogging live at firedoglake from 2PM to 4 PM (East Coast times), so you can get to know all about him. His opponent is a regular on all the right wing TV shows and you’ve probably seen him calling for Tim Russert to be shot or the NY Times to be jailed… or whatever lunacy pops into his head. In fact, here’s a short clip from Fox called "Out-of-control congressman says New York Times Traitor."

You can see why this primitive Bush rubber stamp, who claims the NY Times "gave Fidel Castro his job in Cuba," needs to be put out to pasture. And Dave Mejias, whose father was imprisoned by Castro, is just the Democrat to do it. If you can’t make it to the session, visit Blue America’s Act Blue Page anytime; we’re open 24/7.

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