Blue America talks to Angie Paccione

Down With Tyranny:

Before we welcome Angie Paccione back to Firedoglake today, I want to ask you to humor me for a moment. The video, below, takes 1 minutes and 19 seconds to view and it neatly sums up why Blue America is Angie Paccione Country.

If you’ve watched it you understand why more than 800 of us contributed over $15,000 to Angie’s campaign last year and why we decided to use of Blue America PAC to place hundreds of radio ads all over Morgan and Yuma counties. You will also understand why the Denver Post urged its readers to vote for her and why I was on the phone to Angie several times after the election asking her to consider running again. A few weeks ago she called me and told me she’s decided to go for it, this time with help from part of Ed Perlmutter’s winning ’06 election team. Here’s the archive of her first FDL session.

You can go meet and talk to Angie Paccione at Firedoglake starting at 2:00pm Eastern/11:00am Pacific.


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