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Blue America Special: Alan Grayson joins C&L for a Live Chat! “Peace Party”

If any of you have been over the Daily Kos or many other progressive blogs recently you know that today is the day of Alan Grayson's Peace Party

We Already Know We Can Win Elections. Now How Do We Keep The Democrats’ Attention After They Win?

All I know is months ago it was conventional wisdom in D.C. that the Democrats couldn't take the House, that candidates shouldn't talk about the war

Susan Collins needs to apologize!

Collins has a very troubling man---Director of Internet Strategy, Lance Dutson running her operation. Jamie highlighted his post here...FDL responded

MTP: Markos Discusses the Emergence of the Netroots Movement

[media id=2116] [media id=2117]

DailyKos Founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga explains to guest host David Gregory on Meet The Press why the netroots mo

Open Thread

PoliticsTV has some glimpses of YearlyKos. Check your local C-Span listings for more coverage.

I like that my buddy Cliff is teaching his son the imp

Happy Blogosphere Day

(guest blogged by Howie Klein)

Crooks & Liars hosts ActBlue with Firedoglake and DownWithTyranny. In the past, we've helped raised over half a m

Blue America talks to Angie Paccione

Down With Tyranny:

Before we welcome Angie Paccione back to Firedoglake today, I want to ask you to humor me for a moment. The video, below, takes

Rolling in the “Mud”

I'm wondering if on his application for TIME, Mudcat, who works for the John Edwards campaign---checked the box marked YES to " attack liberal blogger

Dan Gerstein: A Permanent Blog Stalker

Gerstein has a problem with my friend, Jane Hamsher. Yes, Hillary Clinton blogged at FDL. It made sense: discuss equal pay on a blog that is run by s

Supreme Court Backs Ban On Abortion Procedure

Lesson #1 as to why rolling over Bush's choices for Supreme Court is a bad, bad idea.


The Supreme Court's conservative majority hand

Blue America Chat with Rep. Steve Cohen

Howie really has done a fantastic job with Blue America. Today, at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific, Howie is hosting a chat Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) over at F

Blue America: Lamont Visits FDL

(T)his week's Blue America guest is going to be none other than Ned Lamont - live, in the comments, right here at FDL tomorrow starting

Blue America is