Blue America Chat with Rep. Steve Cohen

Howie really has done a fantastic job with Blue America. Today, at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific, Howie is hosting a chat Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) over at FDL:

Saturday at 2PM (EST) Blue America welcomes freshman congressman Steve Cohen for a chat at Firedoglake. We were especially impressed by Steve because unlike some Democrats who campaigned against Bush's Iraq war and then were satisfied just voting for the nonbinding symbolic resolution, he is outspoken in really trying to stop the escalation and end the war. Congressman Cohen is already co-sponsoring 4 bills and 2 resolutions– all binding ones that would do just that.

[..]Please consider contributing to Steve's re-election fund. It's way better if he gets his funds from grassroots Democrats than from corporations looking for a quid pro quo, don't you think?

Go on over to FireDogLake and say hi. Steve Cohen's the kind of progressive politician that we want to encourage.

UPDATE: It was a great discussion, and I want to give Steve Cohen props for one of the last comments he made:

Because of the interest expressed here, I will be having my staff research the history of the Executive Branch's and this Administration' alleged authority and previous practices in regard to firing U.S. Attorneys.

A RESPONSIVE representative? Be still my heart.


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