Rolling in the “Mud”

I’m wondering if on his application for TIME, Mudcat, who works for the John Edwards campaign—checked the box marked YES to ” attack liberal bloggers.” I seem to remember that we supported Edwards over a number of media attacks as well as praising him for refusing to fire Amanda or Mellisa. Yet—Mr. Mudcat rushed to Joe Klein’s defense of Scooter Libby…

Chris at MyDD says: “Remarkable stuff. I haven’t seen a Democratic consultant be more open with their paranoia concerning, prejudices toward, and general ignorance of, the political blogosphere in some time. This is a post for the ages…read on

Jane Hamsher thinks John Edwards should go on Blue America and I agree:

Saying that “Mudcat will be Mudcat” is not enough. I invite Senator Edwards to appear on a Blue America session with Howie Klein to distance himself from Saunders’ comments and give his liberal supporters the reassurance they deserve that these attitudes will not be reflected in his Presidential campaign as it goes forward…read on


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