Blue America Speaks to Rep. Hilda Solis

hilda_solis_150.jpg Down With Tyranny:

There are 16 different congressmembers who represent Los Angeles County and they go right across the political spectrum– from the extreme right (Gary Miller, the corrupt Republican congressloon from a godforsaken suburban hellhole where L.A., San Bernardino and Orange counties smash into each other) to two of the most progressive in the country, Linda Sanchez and Hilda Solis. In March Jane and I went to meet Hilda for the first time at our friend Rick Jacob’s house. She’s as impressive as her voting record and we invited her to come and meet the Blue America community.[..]

If we don’t help people like Hilda Solis to get a place at that table, all the priorities, decisions and strategies will be made by the Rahm Emanuels, Steny Hoyers and Collin Petersons. If you’re not satisfied with that, if you think we can do better, please join me in contributing what you can to the campaign of this extraordinary congresswoman. What does Hilda bring to the party? She has a point of view that needs to be in the debate– that we need to have in the debate… loud and clear and fearlessly.

You can chat with Hilda Solis at FireDogLake starting at 2:00 pm Pacific today.


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