The Blue America/BlogPac SCHIP ad we didn’t have to run! And the New one that’s running now!

Here’s the ad we were going to run against Baron Hill, but he changed his vote in a timely fashion. And here’s the new one that’s running in the Macon Telegraph. Digby wrote the ad for us and as usual does an incredible job. Howie says:

The good news is that the ad you’ve been helping us finance ran. Macon is in the heart of the district and the paper covers a 60 mile radius from there, especially in Bibb and Houston Counties. The ad will be seen by approximately 106,000 of Marshall’s constituents.

We’re working on a few other projects at this moment…

Please donate if you can to our Blue America PAC…We’re trying to raise 10,000 to pay for it…

Bill Scher has a good take on what we’re doing. Check out an article on us in the National Journal: BLOGGERS VS BELTWAY: The New Whips? (scroll down) We’re the new Whips!:

In an effort to help Congressional Dems pass SCHIP, the netroots are stepping up pressure on the five House Dem who voted with GOPers against extending the program…read on


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