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What’s Up With Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is one of those politicos that I can't figure out. She was absolutely great taking down Chris Shays, terribly frustrating ta

Blue America says Thanks to Dems that stood up for the Constitution: New Barrow ads

The Blue America PAC has been striking hard against Blue Dogs, Hoyer and Congress in general for abandoning the rule of law and allowing retroactive i

Steny Hoyer is working with the Blue Dogs to Pass FISA: Fundraiser

Are all Democrats better than all Republicans? Well... it wasn't always that way, but it sure is these days, at least in Congress. Not counting some

$45,000 and counting

Blue America's FISA fundraiser is doing incredible. Thanks so much and keep contributing if possible so we can take swift action against the Bush Dogs

PBS covers Donna Edwards and our More and Better Democrats campaign

[media id=3960] [media id=3961] (h/t Heather)

PBS' NOW highlighted our efforts (Mo Better Democrats!) to send a very important message to the Bush

Mo Better Democrats! Donna Edwards: We did it!

We've raised over 100,000 dollars now for Donna Edwards and I want to thank everybody who was able to contribute. We're sending a message to the Bush

Mo Better Democrats: Donna Edwards is closing in!

I think we all know that change takes time and I feel that a good strategy for change is to work on the side of Congress. Hence, Mo Better Democrats

The Blue America/BlogPac SCHIP ad we didn’t have to run! And the New one that’s running now!

Here's the ad we were going to run against Baron Hill, but he changed his vote in a timely fashion. And here's the new one that's running in the Maco

Blue Dog McIntyre Flip-Flops on SCHIP! UPDATED


It looks like pressure paid off. Mike McIntyre announced this afternoon that he has changed his stand on SCHIP. More from the release...

Blue America’s new Jim Marshall ad!

(ad design by J-Ro) Your contributions at work. Thank you for helping out. We started with the calls and now comes the print ad that will appear in

Chris Shays says the Surge is WORKING! Please support Blue America’s Jim Hines

 Is there any more of a reason to get "Blogger Rage" Shays outta here and support Jim Himes? Check his performance out on PBS's the News Hour. You go

Buh-Bye Scottie

First Draft says that McClellan might be on his way out!

(FD's site seems to be down so I linked to the article.)

Blue America is