Steny Hoyer is working with the Blue Dogs to Pass FISA: Fundraiser

Are all Democrats better than all Republicans? Well… it wasn’t always that way, but it sure is these days, at least in Congress. Not counting some pretty decent mainstream Republican governors, like Charlie Crist in Florida and Sarah Palin in Alaska, something frighteningly partisan has taken hold of the GOP. It’s like America’s interests takes a back seat to the narrow ideological purity of their increasingly right wing, neo-Con/neo-Confederate caucuses. But that doesn’t take the onus off Democrats who are almost as reactionary. The Inside the Beltway Republicans want to give the Executive branch the authority to order warrantless wiretaps plus hand them retroactive immunity for Bush Regime cronies and possible criminals among telecom industry executives. Quite a few individual grassroots Republicans are alarmed at both prospects.

And then there are the right-of-center Democrats, mostly Blue Dogs, (Chris Carney is one) who, out of fear, are enabling Republicans. Today Glenn Greenwald over at Salon pieces together how Steny Hoyer is working with the Blue Dogs to give Bush just what he’s looking for. C&L is working with Glenn and the rest of Blue America to raise some money to hold a Blue Dog accountable. Over 1,000 of our readers have pitched in so far. All those $5 and $10 and $20 contributions have raised over $57,000 so far, almost $10,000 today. If you can… let’s make sure the Blue Dogs know that there are Democrats who don’t favor retroactive immunity and who don’t favor warrantless wiretaps of American citizens. We will be heard on this! You can Donate here

John Amato: We’ve been very effective so far when we run a campaign like this and I wanted to say thanks once again for all your help.


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