Mo Better Democrats: Donna Edwards is closing in!

I think we all know that change takes time and I feel that a good strategy for change is to work on the side of Congress. Hence, Mo Better Democrats….We need to get better Democrats in and Bush Dogs out. Donna Edwards is a smart progressive that’s right on the issues. Matt says: “We’re at 1,895 donors and $83,738 for Donna. Why is this important? Because Democrats in Congress won’t getting the message any other way. Even $5, $10, or $20 is incredibly meaningful.” Blue America and Blue Majority and doing a great job—sending that message to Congress. Read Matt’s encounter with Nancy Pelosi. It’s revealing.

But the moment I mentioned Al Wynn, Pelosi’s whole face abruptly changed, her smile melted away, and she got hostile and said in an icy voice ‘I know about that.’ She then turned away to talk to someone else.

I like Nancy, but like all of us—we’re frustrated—so—we’re taking positive actions—which will lead to change.

Jane Hamsher:

I don’t have much hope for affecting politics on the presidential level this cycle (which is why we largely stay out of the fray, except to encourage candidates when they take a position we support, even if they’re dark horses). The real potential for change in Washington DC stands not with a horrible system of good intentions and failed hors d’ouvres that reinforces the status quo at the uppermost levels, but with people like Donna Edwards who are willing to speak up and call out careerist hacks like Al Wynn that the Speaker of the House feels compelled to support…read on

Please donate if you can and help send that message to Congress…


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