PBS covers Donna Edwards and our More and Better Democrats campaign

(h/t Heather)

PBS’ NOW highlighted our efforts (Mo Better Democrats!) to send a very important message to the Bush Dogs and establishment Democrats who support the Al Wynn’s of the party when we raised over 100,000 dollars for Blue America’s Donna Edwards a few months ago. Here’s our ActBlue page for Donna.

With Democrats like Al Wynn, who needs Republicans? Donna Edwards…

Right on, Donna! Big Media Matt Stoller was interviewed for the show and did a tremendous job of explaining our position.

Stoller: I mean if you’re willing to compromise on core values with people who operate in bad faith then you will always be ruled, you’ll just never get anything done.


In Maryland, six-term incumbent Al Wynn is facing a tough challenge from newcomer Donna Edwards. According to Edwards, Wynn has sold out to big business and the Bush agenda, including a vote for the war in Iraq and the 2005 energy bill. Wynn says his challenger is naïve and doesn’t understand that there are choices in politics between compromise and doing nothing.

Fueling candidates like Edwards are the foot soldiers of the progressive battle—bloggers and other political outsiders like Matt Stoller of OpenLeft.com who are drumming up national support on the Internet.


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